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Baseball is one of the most famous past time game of the USA. Although its popularity now spread too many other countries. Cuba, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and Caribbean countries are just a few example of it. The

International Baseball Federation (IBAF) was founded in 1938 when the game become popular in many countries. Now its total number of members are 112 which is a clear evidence of its growing acceptance among globally. IBAF since its founded year regularly organizing the Baseball World Cup. Baseball took its place on Olympic since 1992 with pride. Another form of baseball now gaining a lot of popularity which is called softball.

Baseball history is too ancient to trace properly. Simply it is known as a bat and ball older version. Two teams with nine players on each side is needed to play the game. One team take control of fielding. Meanwhile another team takes the challenge of batting with a baseball. Four bases are must play baseball. This place is also known as infield or diamond.

To play baseball players usually use a wooden or aluminum bat. Professional match always uses the second option. Leather covered hardball and padded gloves are also essential. Catcher, batter and umpire use special protective gear to avoid any unwanted injury. It is a common norm home team bat in last.

Many believes the game derived from ancient Egypt. In Europe baseball is no more a stranger or unknown game. Gradually it is taking place in the heart of sports lover.

The sports culture of the America has a deepest relation with baseball. They made it such a classic game that now around the world its fans are found. Every year thousands of baseball fans rush to stadiums to watch as well as enjoy their favorite baseball teams live play. Interestingly the game was started even before the discovery of the USA. But its most fascinating picture developed by the Americans no doubt about it.

In Baseball, the MLB League is the most popular game. It is a make it or break it type game. People count every second long before start the league.

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