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Handball has a close relation with football. Both games use a ball to play. One uses hand and other use foot. Although not as popular as football, gradually the game ensuring its slow but steady global popularity. From country to country handball achieved different name like Borden ball, European handball, Olympic handball, European team handball etc.

Handball basically derived from some western countries like Germany, Norway, Denmark as well as Sweden. Now it is also popular in some Scandinavia countries such as Norway, Poland, and Croatia etc. Now it expanded to some other central European countries like France.

Interestingly the USA and Ireland are two founder member of IAHF (International Amateur Handball Foundation) but now in those countries, it is less popular. But globally the game gaining eye-catching attraction. Now the foundation has 174 worldwide members which clearly prove the truth. In the North America, the Far East and some parts of South America handball achieved remarkable popularity.

The game is a team sport. Two teams’ seven players on each side are needed to play it. Like football the more goals achieved team win the match. The time duration of handball is 60 minutes including a break after 30 minutes. Modern handball now basically used to play as an indoor game. On the contrary field handball, Czech handball, and beach handball is some example of outdoor handball.

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